Heath Research Services are a market intelligence service for businesses.

We find market research, statistics, news, and other competitive intelligence for you, so that you can better understand your customers, and your competitors. If you need decision-ready information to remove doubt, and focus your sales and business development efforts, we can help you.

Getting the right market research means you can...


Make Better Decisions Faster

  • You have the facts, so you can act with confidence because the stress of not knowing is removed.

  • Your time and effort trying to find that key piece of information can be used instead to work on your business.


Target Sales Opportunities

  • You know exactly what your customers needs are, rather than guessing, being wrong and losing money.

  • You have the power and knowledge to keep customers satisfied, preserve cashflow, and grow your business. 

Manage Risk

  • Your business will be under less risk, because you've anticipated change - no nasty surprises. 
  • You're free to work on and grow your business, while we do the research. It's a clever business choice to work smarter, not harder.