Does the market want this problem solved?

  • Do you need to prove that your existing or new product or service will succeed in the future?

  • Are you worried about competitors taking your market share?

  • Would you like to enter a new market, but aren't sure whether it will be successful?

  • Need a consultant to provide company profiles, do a literature review, track competitors, monitor social media, or analyse market sectors?

  • Want someone to peer review the research you already have or get help to fill in some information gaps?

Relax - we can help with all of that! As a market validation and competitive intelligence agency, we provide secondary research (also known as desk research or desktop research) to answer those questions. Secondary research or desk research is published information, so it’s a great way to get insight and analysis on a market or competitor without the more expensive cost of primary research.

Our point of difference is that we search deeper than just Google. We have subscriptions to information hidden behind paywalls, which is where the real added-value information is. You can get vital market data that your competitors will struggle to get, at a fraction of the cost. We also explore all the social media channels and find out what is happening and who is saying it. Our services also include undertaking telephone research on your behalf, which we use for competitor and industry analysis.

With over 25 years experience in finding market intelligence and competitive research, why wouldn't you want to have us on your side? Email us now or telephone Cathy Heath on 027 4393-795 to get started.