Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about how we can help you. Don't forget you can email us or telephone Cathy Heath, Director Heath Research Services (+64 6 843-3938 or +64 027 4393-795) if you have any questions.

What's involved to get my information problem solved?

To begin with, we ask you to write a short research brief. It's always a good idea to put into words what you want to achieve so you can clarify and identify the answers you need.

Once we have your brief, we will acknowledge it within one working day and have an exploratory search to familiarise ourselves with your information problem. It's often also a good idea to have a short telephone conversation with you to check our interpretation of what information you need. Once this has happened, we will provide you with a FREE proposal, containing a quote and estimated date of completion. Once the proposal has been signed off by you, it's all go!

How long does it take?

It all depends on the complexity of your information problem. Some questions can be answered in a day, others may take four to six weeks. When time is tight, we offer you the ability to stage the delivery of your answers, so you can begin to take action earlier.

What will I get?

First up, we don't just rely on Google to your market validation problem - it's just too random and you can get lost in mountains of irrelevant and dated information. We use fee-based databases that are authoritative and up-to-date. Like many things in life, good information has a price attached to it. Getting the correct numbers on the size of a market or identifying an unmet need is vital - you don't want to skimp on that sort of information!

Secondly, all information we provide is cited - you will know who has written or prepared each piece of data. This means that you can feel confident to quote and stand by the information we find for you.

Finally, we know you're busy. Most of our clients choose to get the information they need in a bullet-point style format via a PDF document. We often include a section in our reports that suggest "Options for Action" -  a kind of jumping off point for discussion about what to do about the trends we've found for you.

You can look at our Client Testimonials page to see how pleased some of our repeat customers have been with the service and research they have received.

How much does it cost?

Your research project is customised entirely to your needs, so each project is unique in its scope and cost. We're happy to give you a ballpark figure for starters - just ask.